18 months ago mum in law went into hospital with a stroke and sister in law was living with her paying no rent or upkeep on house. When mum in law was discharged and due to go home sister in law changed the locks on her and couldn't get back into her house. Now lives with us and is a massive financial burden as we planned to rent out our house to pay for her care and live in mum in laws .. Sister has recently gone to court claiming my husband had broken into mums house stole her paperwork? .. Accused him in a statement that he sexually abused her when she was six ..(that'll make him eight)..got a non molestation order...(she recently disappeared from the house and a friend of mums said she told her she wasn't living there)..He has power of attorney and mum wanted her photos. He got into the house and after 2 weeks changed the locks and begun works on the house.. she had no clothes or posseions and no domestic items kettle ect..the house is a massive mess and uninhabitable before works begun..she has said at court she lives there and we had to give her back the keys...what do we do?? She is clearly lying and her mum wants her out..so much more to this just to much on one message. .please help us