basic but a good start on finding what you might be entitled to.

Turn2us are a charitable service which helps people access the money available to them through welfare, benefits, grants and other sources.

The Turn2us Benefits Calculator indicates your possible entitlement to the following benefits and gives you an estimate of the amount you may receive:

Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
Income Support
Pension Credit
Tax Credits (Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit
Child Benefit
Housing Benefit (England, Scotland Wales) Housing Benefit (Northern Ireland)
Council Tax Support (in most cases)

Benefits where possible eligibility is indicated

The Turn2us Benefits Calculator indicates possible eligibility to the following benefits but does not calculate estimates of the amount you might receive.

For those marked with an asterisk (*), if you put in the Calculator that you are already claiming one of these benefits, the Calculator will calculate premiums in other benefits that may be available to you:

Age-related tax allowance
Attendance Allowance*
Bus pass
Carer’s Allowance*
Cold Weather Payments
Digital TV switch-over help scheme
Personal Independence Payment*
Disability Living Allowance for children*
Disabled Facilities Grants
Discretionary Housing Payment
Free prescriptions and eye-tests
Free school meals
Free TV licence
Funeral Grants
Home Improvements Grants (Citizens Advice Adviceguide website. Please read the information that relates to the country you live in)
Local Welfare Provision
NHS low income scheme (link opens in a new window)
Sure Start Maternity Grant
Warm Front
Winter Fuel Payments