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Common Abbreviations

Banking Terms A.Q. - Allocation Questionnaire B.B.A. - British Bankers Association C.A.B. - Citizens Advice Bureaux C.A.G. - Consumer Action Group forum C.C. - Credit Card/Consumer Credit/Carbon Copy/Copy Circulated (email) C.C.A. - Consumer Credit Act/Consumer Credit Agreement C.C.C.S. - Consumer Credit Counselling Service C.C.S. Consumer Credit Support forum C.I.F.A.S- Fraud Prevention Service Website C.P.R. - Civil Procedure Rules Website C.R.A. - Credit Reference Agency D.D. - Direct Debit D.P.A. - Data Protection Act D.S.A.R. - Data Subject Access Request (aka S.A.R.) E.R.C. - Early Redemption Charge (Mortgages) F.A.Q's - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's F.O.S. - Financial Ombudsman Service F.S.A. - Financial Services Authority Website F.C.A. - Financial Conduct Authority I.C.O. - Information Commissioners Office LB Legal Beagles L.B.A. - Letter Before Action M.C.O.L. - Moneyclaim Online M.S.E. - Moneysaving Expert Website N1 - Form for filing claim at County Court Blank Form O.F.T. - Office of Fair Trading Website P.C.N. - Penalty Charge Notice P.P.I. - Payment Protection Insurance Ref. - Reference, or Ref. No. - Reference Number S.A.R. - Subject Access Request (aka D.S.A.R.) S.C.C. - Small Claims Court S.O. - Standing Order U.C.T.A. - Unfair Contract Terms Act U.T.C.C.R. - Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999