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pip assessment done due to pip changover - inexperienced please help

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  • pip assessment done due to pip changover - inexperienced please help

    Hello, Iím trying to get an answer regarding the changeover from dla to ESA/pip. My friendís mother suffers from severe borderline personality disorder; she has been on dla for over twenty years! and did have until recently home-help (Although I believe this is no longer the case) her daughter recently took her to a atos/maximus assessment from which I understand it was specifically because Dla is changing to pip and they are medically Ďre-assessing.í People that are changing over?

    1 is this correct?

    2 I assume if this is correct will she afterwards be on esa + PIP, as other claimants are? Or just PIP.

    3 she recently (because of this changeover) was asked to attend a medical assessment for PIP. From what I gather the PIP assessment is different/ more difficult than the esa assessment? Is this correct?

    4 I believe that her daughter does not know how the assessment really works? The main question is if she fails (as we have been told many people do, first time around), are the procedures for preparing for the tribunal and/ or mandatory reconsideration the same as ESA?

    5 In case of FAILURE, are the papers you request i.e. details of assessment, assessors etc and papers and forms and the names, codes of the paperwork, assessors etc exactly the same protocol as if you were requesting documents if you failed an ESA assessment?

    6 I have also been told that the onus of providing the paperwork, evidence of the claimantís illnesses is the responsibility of atos/maxiumus/ capita / etc rather than the claimant? Is this correct?

    7 I also believe my friend was not armed with the correct information regarding assessments to benefit her mother as well as required- can anyone suggest anything? Thank you very much
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    Re: pip assessment done due to pip changover - inexperienced please help

    My understanding is
    DLA has been now become PIP
    Anyone who has been in receipt of DLA within a certain time frame
    needs to now apply for PIP
    For a PIP application , it is useful to collate up to date letters from your GP and Specialists to support the new claim .
    ESA is completely separate from ( DLA , PIP ) ESA is a benefit given to an individual when they are unemployed , not able to work due to physical health , mental health issues and are in receipt of a sick note that provides information that an individual is currently unable to apply for work
    I hope the above information is useful .


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      Re: pip assessment done due to pip changover - inexperienced please help

      PIP (Personal Independence Payment) is the benefit that’s gradually replacing DLA (Disability Living Allowance). DLA will continue to be paid if the person was 65 or over on 8 April 2013. For everyone else aged 16 and over, DLA will stop and the person will need to claim PIP instead - even if they have a ‘lifetime’ or ‘indefinite’ award for DLA.

      Nobody is automatically moved over to PIP. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will send a letter to all those on DLA before October 2017, asking them to make a new claim for PIP. This must been done within 4 weeks of receipt of the letter from DWP, failure to do so will result in DLA payments being stopped.

      PIP is assessed very differently than DLA. DLA focussed on what medical condition the applicant has whereas PIP focuses on how the medical condition impacts upon the claimant's everyday life. It's important that the claimant give a very comprehensive picture of their situation, what restrictions they have due to their medical conditions, what support they need, how long it take to complete to everyday tasks (such as washing, dressing, cooking a meal, their mobility etc) and any support they receive.
      It is advisable for the claimant to include as much medical evidence as they can. It's also worth making a list of the details of any aids or appliances the claimant uses in everyday life.

      Unlike DLA, PIP is awarded for fixed periods of time - between 3 to 10 years. PIP doesn't allow lifetime awards. Each PIP claimant will have to be reassessed before their PIP award ends.

      Originally the DWP insisted any person submitting an application for PIP must undergo a face to face assessment whether it be a transfer from DLA, initial application or renewal application. However due to the overwhelming amount of assessments required the DWP have now decided that if there is enough information and evidence supplied by the claimant when making their application for PIP a paper assessment can take place rather than a face to face assessment.


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        Re: pip assessment done due to pip changover - inexperienced please help

        Has your friends mum got a date for the assessment or has she been yet?



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