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PIP assesment help and Great result

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  • PIP assesment help and Great result


    My husband has been on DLA medium care and high mobility since suffering a stroke. He now has to move on to PIP and has been sent a letter saying he needs to attend a Face to Face ( He did not have to attend one with DLA)

    The first issue is that the centre for his appointment is 30 miles away. Atos has a PIP consultation centre 1.5 miles from us.

    The second issue is that with my husbands conditions we never know how he is going to be on that day until he gets up.

    He sufferes from lack of mobility on his right side with a lot of spaticity on his arm. He needs a walking stick to help him walk and he has drop-foot after the stroke.

    He also suffers from COPD , IBS and HSP (the later one is a condition that affects his joints mainly his ankles and knees making them swell up and sometimes causing bruise like stain on his legs.

    He battles very day with chronic fatigue and he also suffers from depression.
    Many mornings he starts the day with hot flashes and stomach crumps. If fatigue is bad he can barely keep his eyes open.

    All this was on explained on the forms and we were surprised when he received a face to face considering a stroke is one of the conditions listed as one of the conditions that dont necessarily require a face to face.

    I am asking for help on how to deal with this.
    I have also already read so much in here about people loosing their benefit or their motability after having attended this assessment my husband is feeling very anxious about this I we have a car I drive and it is independency for us all as a family. we have 2 young kids.

    Can someone give us some advice ?

    Many thanks!
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    Re: PIP assesment help

    Hi and welcome,
    They will try and fit you in nearer to home if you ask them and it is possible, just ring them.
    Not knowing how your husband will be on the day, is that for the travelling or the assessment you think will be a problem?
    The assessment will mainly be looking at all you have put on the form ties in with how your hubby is. Please remember it is not the condition that is being assessed but how the condition affects his daily life. This should be related as to how he is at his worst and also any aids he uses like the walking stick, or anyhting else he uses no matter how irrelevant you think it is.
    Here is a link to information given by the CAB https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/be...ill-in-form/on how to fill in the form, as you have already done this maybe a good idea to read through see what you put on your form and how you may wish to add on your interview.
    Hope this helps and good luck and truly things are getting better with this and it will not be as bad as you fear.


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      Re: PIP assesment help

      Thank you enaid for your post. Our concerns are both. Bringing the assessment closer and if he is going to be fit enough for both to travel and to deal with the assessment. I will be with him though so I guess I can help him with answering if he struggles?
      I have heard about doing them at home? is this possible?


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        Re: PIP assesment help

        Yes you can request a home assessment, I would ring them asap and ask, they may want a note from your Drs or specialist but not always.
        Just explain that travelling may not be possible on the day due to how you hubby is and see what they say.


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          Re: PIP assesment help

          Thank you again. we will try that. Do you know at all what the assessment entitles? he has not had one before and he is anxious about talking to people as he has problems coming up with the words he needs and explaining himself. will there be a physical examination? will he be require to do things there. The more he knows about what is expected of him the more will help with his anxiety.


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            Re: PIP assesment help

            You are going to be with him and you may speak on his behalf if he finds it difficult.
            This is a bit of info as to what goes on, only a guide as every case is different, the assessor may do a few tests like raising you arms or bending, nothing major or intrusive.

            What happens at the assessment?
            Although the DWP claim that PIP medicals are not at all like the work capability assessments for employment and support allowance (ESA), they do seem to be remarkably similar, including the fact that they are computer led.

            The medical consists of several parts.
            First, the health professional should read any documents relating to your case.
            Next, they ask you a series of questions about your condition and about your everyday life. As with ESA, they use drop down lists, multiple choice answers and text boxes to record information on a computer as they go.
            Then they may carry out a brief physical examination, checking things like your eyesight, your blood pressure and the range of movement in your limbs, if any of these are relevant to your condition.
            Whilst all this is going on they will be making informal observations about the way you look and behave.
            Finally, after you have gone, they will list which descriptors (points) they consider apply to you and justify their conclusions.


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              Re: PIP assesment help

              Thank you once more. We have managed to bring assessment closer to home. will be on the 11th so lets hope it all goes well on the day. will post back.


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                Re: PIP assesment help

                Thank you and good luck, hopefully all your fears will be squashed and a fair and satisfactory result also.
                Merry Christmas xx


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                  Re: PIP assesment help

                  Merry Xmas and a great new year to you too!!


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                    Re: PIP assesment help

                    Hi. My husband attended his assessment today. First of all the lady looked at the clock making us uncomfortable as she was rushing. We felt the whole time that we were not allowed to give a real picture about the situation and we noticed she was not writing everything which is making my husband feel very anxious. There were lots of questions and my husband felt overwhelmed by them all and towards the end he also felt frustrated which he apologised for. The last question was about how far he could walk and asked to tell her in minutes which through us off. We said they maybe a minute but that two days were not the same as sometime he could walk only 10 meters and sometime 10 steps and that his walking deteriorated during the day.
                    But she was obsessed with the 1 minute figure and again we don't know if she wrote everything we said. Now my husband is very anxious he will score low and his allowance will go down and also loose the car on motability which basically without it he is at home every day. Based on his answers, is he worrying about nothing? We have been told to wait for 4-6 weeks or maybe a bit more. Thank you in advance.


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                      Re: PIP assesment help

                      Hi, glad it wasn't as bad as you first feared although it still doesn't look like it was a good experience, but then again these things never are.
                      The assessor is supposed to try and confirm what you put on your claim form is actually correct and how you answer the questions helps in that respect.
                      I have just had a look about and it is not uncommon for them to put walking distance into minutes, although to me seems daft as not sure how you would time it, mind you I have no idea on distance either to be honest.
                      You do require enhanced PIP mobility to keep the car but Motability are very good and have a support scheme if the worst should happen info on that HERE
                      Only putting that info there in case you do need it but please don't worry about that until you have your decision, just letting you know it is not a case of just sending the car back the next day.x
                      As for you thinking she wasn't writing everything down, well they too work on a tick box system and if one of the points you made was enough to satisfy one of the boxes then only that info need be written down, hope you understand that lol
                      They do sometimes text the decisions through and this is quicker and cheaper for them but if they have not taken your phone details etc then you will just have to wait for the brown envelope and I do hope it is quicker than they have stated, good luck keep us informed and don't worry. xx


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                        Re: PIP assesment help

                        Thank you for your quick answer! Because we have only joined the motability in 2014 we are not entitle to the support package
                        The reason why we are anxious is because is she has somewhere writtten that one minute is more than the 20 meters they ask about then she will tick 0. But if she did listen properly to the whole answer the. She should tick no he cannot walk 20 meters without stopping and repeatedly etc which he cannot. So yes I guess we will have to wait and keep our fingers crossed. I just felt they were asking the same questions we have already answered in the form but this time you was not able to give the full picture. Not please tell at all. My argument is also how can they ask in minutes? Some people might be able to walk longer distances depending on the pace , how slow they walk . It just does not make sense? Hope the wait is not too long. Isn't it horrible when the level of quality of life depend on someone else?
                        Thank you again!! Will keep you informed.


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                          Re: PIP assesment help


                          We have finally received the award and I can tell you that it has not come our way.
                          My husband was awarded enhance rate for living which we were expecting, but standard rate for mobility.
                          He was scored 10 points for being able to stand or walk more than 20m but less than 50. This is not correct as we did say he could maybe walk for a minute, maybe take 10 steps or sometime nothing at all. We also said that his walking deteriorated throughout the day.

                          For being able to plan a follow a route he was score 0 as they said he could do this. Now here is were our biggest problem was because the nurse that interviewed my husband asked him if he could do this to familiar places like the shops round the corner. we said yes but he could not do it on his own as it is not safe for him to go on his own and sudden noises make him anxious.. we also said that he could not do it to unfamiliar places. So how does this score him 0?

                          this is from the PIP:
                          "MOBILITY ACTIVITIES

                          1. Planning and following journeys.
                          a. Can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided. 0 points. yes but cannot do it safely and repetitively on his own without soemeone there
                          b. Needs prompting to be able to undertake any journey to avoid overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant. 4 points.
                          c. Cannot plan the route of a journey. 8 points.
                          d. Cannot follow the route of an unfamiliar journey without another person, assistance dog or orientation aid. 10 points. He cannot do this as he is not able to retain information for too long and things get mumbled up and he gets tired and frustreted and angry plus he needs someone with him to be safe
                          e. Cannot undertake any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant. 10 points.
                          f. Cannot follow the route of a familiar journey without another person, an assistance dog or an orientation aid. 12 points."

                          it also says he was able to walk 25 meters in the consultation room with his walking stick and unsteady. He had to stop twice!!

                          what is our next step? I can tell you we are both suffering from extreme anxiety right now


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                            Re: PIP assesment help

                            Hi, am sorry you were let down with the decision and the only way to sort it is to appeal.
                            I can also tell you more than half of appeals are overturned so imo that is pretty good odds.
                            The first step is to write to the DWP within one month of the date of the award letter.
                            Explain as best you can why you think the decision is wrong, let them know how you felt at the interview, you were being rushed and the fact you were asked how far he could walk in minutes as opposed to distance and this really confused you.
                            If the decision is still the same and they may not rush with their response you will have to go to the second stage appeal to a tribunal.
                            I put a link on here about the car and Mobility, I think I am right in saying DWP will not pay into the scheme while the appeal is going on, I think you have 4 weeks and then a further 3 so you may well have to return the car sadly.
                            You may not get a change of decision with your letter but that's the way to set the ball rolling and if not it will be the tribunal.
                            Also any medical evidence you have or can get to back up your appeal would help too. Send copies with your letter and keep them safe if you need to go to tribunal.
                            I am sorry, but can tell you that there a re thousands in the same boat and I wish you good luck.
                            Enaid x


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                              Re: PIP assesment help

                              Thank you [MENTION=141]enaid[/MENTION] do you know if there are any organisations that can help me put this together? We have not slept a wink last night and I woke up several time with anxiety in my stomach. This is awful. We need this tu be changed. Not only my husband suffers without the car but our life as a family too. I'm feeling sick in my stomach just thinking about it.



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