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PIP Tribunal help

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  • PIP Tribunal help


    I had been receiving DLA for many years and then i needed to have a PIP assessment as i currently suffer from agoraphobia and other disabilities that effect my walking and moving around i had a home visit done, as expected i didn't score enough on my descriptors and the HP was unsympathetic with understanding my illness or needs they didn't really do a good report.

    After my MR came back still no change i'm now going to go through the Tribunal system which i know will be stressful enough, i wanted to know as anyone ever had a Teleconference done from their homes, i want to be able to give my side of my illness and disabilities to the court judge and i have stated on my form i find any social engagement difficult so i requested a telephone hearing along side my representative who helps take care for me.

    In the form i have sent all of my doctors and specialist medical letters along with why i disagree with their decision, how long will i need to wait before a hearing will take place?

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    Re: PIP Tribunal help

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      Re: PIP Tribunal help

      Hi Kazz

      I have been through the whole rigmarole of home visit MR and Tribunal and am currently awaiting the outcome of a new claim and a request to set aside .

      What level of DLA were you on, I gather it was possibly lower rate mobility?
      Do you know what points you got and in what areas?
      Have you requested a copy of the HCP's report ?

      I can't say that i have ever heard of a hearing over the phone so can't help much there I am afraid .

      What I found on my original claim is that the points are so very different from PIP that you really need to target what you say at the descriptors.

      You say you suffer from agoraphobia , the sort of ways they catch you out are by asking you how you get to the Doctors etc, do you wait in the waiting room , so the right answer might be something like the GP comes out to me or my friend/carer/partner takes me and they wait in the surgery while I wait in the car . If you do not spell it out they will interpret it the way they want.

      Tribunals can be fairly quick but can go on .

      Wish I could be more help

      Oh was it capita who came out to you?


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        Re: PIP Tribunal help

        Hi rhere

        I will try and answer your questions yes i was on the lower rates as i know these are no loner available on the PIP awards, my condition had worsen before i was sent the PIP form so i had sent all my new arthritis specialist letters with the form before the assessment but still it wasn't mentioned in my PIP decision makers report?

        The HP only noted my depression an agoraphobia and didn't even report on my mobility difficulties with my arthritis? with my SSCS1A form i have sent all the letters that were sent with my PIP form and the letters were all up to date, i just think the HP didn't want to make any reports on my arthritis which is wrong has he was supposed to write down all my difficulties which he clearly did not?

        I was only awarded for the prompting descriptors for both living and mobility and again nothing about my supervision or assistance when going out-side which is very rare if in emergencies, my doctor had written me a home visit letter which is what i had for my PIP assessment so my carer had rang the Courts appeals and asked if it was possible to have a Teleconference for my appeal if we send evidence by my health practitioner.

        I was asking because i wont be able to attend the Tribunal but i still want the chance to speak and could set up skype link?


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          Re: PIP Tribunal help

          I have no idea if Skype is possible or even a telephone session I am afraid
          It would appear that sometimes the HCP either does not get any separate documents that you send in or they don't read them, and from my experience all too often the DM at the DWP just goes on the report the HCP makes. I know this time I handed the HCP some of the letters and showed her the actual specialist programs that have been installed on my laptop for me .

          A tip I had my tribunal the 'Judge' would not allow me to refer to any of the evidence that I had sent in unless they had mentioned it, clearly , well IMO, an abuse of her position. prior to the hearing it might be beneficial to get together all the statements and evidence and do a letter in which you refer to the relevant medical evidence
          E.g I am unable to go outside on the vast majority of days because of my agoraphobia -see Doc 1 -letter from G.P.

          If they will not allow a telephone conference do you have anyone who could go in your stead, I remember a good few years ago I went to a DLA tribunal on behalf of my (then estranged) wife . I got a sympathetic hearing and a favourable decision.

          I sent you a P.M.


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            Re: PIP Tribunal help

            Hello i am got through a pip tribunal iv been waiting since march 2017 my court date is 01/03/2018. I am really worried my main problems are acrophobia, stress, anger, very weird thorts and very low willing to carry on with life. I had cpn worker after i beat someone with a hammer around 4 years ago. Since i started with the cpn team they have been uselass sometimes i wasnt seen for over 6 months i have now been kicked off the cpn team as they say my problems is because i smoke weed occasionally yet my problems started when i was a child. I dont have any professional help anymore i have been left to deal with my problems by myself since pip has tock so long my dla has ran out and iv been left with 100 a month im really struggling i still have 3 months tell my court date and cant afford my bills so think i will loss my house by time court date comes. I do have citizens Advice coming with me but they dont know me i dont understand how someone who dont know what im like could help me. I find it hard to talk about my problems and my pip assessment lied on my forms saying i didn't seem streesed or anxious and also of average weight i weigh under 8 stone. Im really worried i know i wouldnt last in a job i know i would be a hard worker but the problems with a job u have humans and i cant deal with humans. I also have a problem with cleanness iv been told to get diagnosed with OCD i dont know about it though i know i do have problems with it especially with my microscopic bugs that eat my skin. But i know the problem only comes when my head messes up. I can feel my life going down i look into the future and see me living in a tent in a park. Could someone help me or sergest what to do



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