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Are you losing sleep over working tax credit overpayment ?

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  • Are you losing sleep over working tax credit overpayment ?

    Award-winning programme-maker, Tiger Aspect Productions, is producing a documentary series on tax and we would like to speak to anyone in Berkshire with an ongoing tax problem.

    Filmed over the course of 2014, the series will follow people as they try to deal with a broad range of tax issues. Whether you’re a plumber struggling to pay income tax, a small-business owner trying to balance the books, an IT contractor who has taken part in a tax planning scheme, or maybe you’ve been hit by a working tax credit overpayment claim, we would like to hear your story.

    Please contact Ruth Newton on ruthnewton@tigeraspect.co.uk or 0208 222 4891 for more information.

    All conversations are off the record and confidential and don’t oblige you to take part in the series.
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    Re: Are you losing sleep over working tax credit overpayment ?

    I have spoken with Ruth and the basic format will be a 3 part series for Channel 4 9pm slot (so prime time) following the inner workings of HMRC.

    We are looking for people who have or have had issues with HMRC on any Tax affairs whether it be to do with Business (VAT, Corporation TAX etc) or Personal ( PAYE, Working Tax Credits, etc) if you or anyone you know would like to contribute then please get in touch.

    Tiger Aspect have done some good pieces in the past, some of which can be seen here http://www.tigeraspect.co.uk/
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      Re: Are you losing sleep over working tax credit overpayment ?

      Interesting! :whoo: I shall take a look

      Although I haven't exactly been losing sleep, I've been arguing about an alleged tax credits overpayment for nearly two years. Not as substantial as other people's but still not clear HOW they calculated it, since I only ever claimed for the first year (with no change in circumstances), and never renewed my claim, as I doubted I'd be entitled. :noidea:


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        Re: Are you losing sleep over working tax credit overpayment ?

        Unfortunately an online game called Travian.



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