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Universal Credit - Is it really as bad as my experience seems to suggest

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  • Universal Credit - Is it really as bad as my experience seems to suggest

    I am just wondering if the roll out of UC is really as bad as my experience seems to suggest. I am lucky enough not to be in dire need of a payment and am aware they do emergency payments but here are a few of the problems i have found

    Supposedly everything is done online apart from your appointments with your 'job coach' however, they send you messages asking questions but do not provide a means or give you a way of answering those questions. Another is they send you a message asking for evidence but do not actually provide a means for you to upload that evidence . Both of these mean you have to go into the job centre and either make an appointment or hope someone is free to see you. When you get a fit note, you need to upload it but then you need to take the bloody thing in to be verified- what was wrong with the old version when you just posted it off.

    Added to that , they seem to have increased the % of any earnings they use for deducting HB, although I may be wrong

    It drives me crazy and i can only feel sorry for those people in imminent need of help.
    Any advice or opinions I offer are based on my experience dealing with personal debt as well as other life events.
    I have no formal legal training
    Any advice is offered without liability
    If in doubt take professional legal advice or contact the CAB
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