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Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

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  • Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

    Hello everyone!

    So I am going to start the process of making a claim against Yes Car Credit (now being administered by DFA) for mis-sold PPI and possibly other insurances. I think it's about 9 years since I first took out the finance, with my mum acting as guarantor. She happened across the original paperwork today and noticed I have a claim so is posting it to me.

    I was a student not working at the time as far as we can both remember and we did question the insurance at the time but we were made to take it out.

    First question, do I send the PPI questionnaire to DFA or the underwriters? A bit of Googling tells me people have had issues with going round in circles but others who have had success, I want to try and make this as painless as possible and get to a successful conclusion!

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    Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

    Hi VF, and welcome to you. With PPI, it is generally the rule that you lodge the claim initially with the firm that originally sold the PPI. This then gives them the opportunity to investigate what is at this stage an allegation of mis-selling. As Yes are now administered by DFA, then I believe DFA is who you send your claim to - as they have effectively taken responsibility for Yes's affairs.

    Yeah, these firms often try and play 'ping-pong' with claims, so be ready for that. Hopefully, we'll be able to put a stop to it, if they do !!!


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      Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

      Hi and welcome

      That is correct what Bilk have said, the business who set up and sold the finance, are the one's responsible and therefore you pursue them, so if YES were still around now, you would be dealing with them, but as it appears that they are now administered by another business called DFA, then I assume they had also taken over all liabilities.

      Always start this way and go from there.

      Let us know how you get on, remember to keep a copy of the complaint questionnaire as well in case you need to refer back to it at some stage, and if you require further help, then just give us a yell.

      The best of luck.


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        Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

        may i ask who this DFA mob are

        i thought it was still provident financial

        link please


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          Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

          Sorry, got my letters the wrong way round, should say DAF which is Direct Auto Finance, part of the Provident group. By all accounts when you send off an SAR request or refund request it comes back from DAF.

          This is one link of many that can be found with a quick Google: http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...t-Auto-Finance


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            Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim



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              Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

              Quick question.

              This loan was taken out in both mine and my mums name, will I need signed documentation from her to have my SAR request fulfilled? She lives in another part of the country so will involve a bit of logistical work but that's fine, it actually strengthens my case as she has had ongoing chronic illness her whole life making most PPI policies completely redundant!

              Just wanted to check before I send off my letter and 10. However, on the basis of her medical history, should I just go ahead and make my claim straight away and save myself the 10 for the moment?


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                Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

                Hi there

                To what I know of you can request a SAR in your own right, and they will just provide the information with deleting info of your mum's.

                You can of course continue to make a reclaim if you want to.

                What I do, is send the complaint and request for the SAR at the same time, just in case I require any information to help with my case if I was to send further information.
                Although the complaints section is normally separate to the data protection unit.

                Do you require the SAR template letter, or do you already have one?


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                  Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

                  Am new to this forum so please forgive any typos or etiquette or ruled that Should be followed.
                  Have had my claim for mis-selling of PPI by Yes Car Credit/Direct Auto Financial Services Ltdrejected by the Financial Ombudsman Services. Any help you can give with my appeal would be appreciated.


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                    Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

                    I'm less that an hour old on the forum and today I got a letter from RBS rejecting a claim I never sent. What happened was my PPi was declined by DAFS. I forwarded it to the Financial Ombudsman, whose investigations came up with RBS. However RBS are denying any dealings with YesCar Credit or DAFS. I got my original documents and all the information provided by DAFS after doing a SAR. My request from all forumites on this matter is any information on who were the financers of Provident Finance.


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                      Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

                      56 Antecedent negotiations.

                      (1)In this Act antecedent negotiations means any negotiations with the debtor or hirer
                      (a)conducted by the creditor or owner in relation to the making of any regulated agreement, or
                      (b)conducted by a credit-broker in relation to goods sold or proposed to be sold by the credit-broker to the creditor before forming the subject-matter of a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement within section 12(a), or

                      (c)conducted by the supplier in relation to a transaction financed or proposed to be financed by a debtor-creditor-supplier agreement within section 12(b) or (c),
                      and negotiator means the person by whom negotiations are so conducted with the debtor or hirer.

                      (2)Negotiations with the debtor in a case falling within subsection (1)(b) or (c) shall be deemed to be conducted by the negotiator in the capacity of agent of the creditor as well as in his actual capacity.

                      (3)An agreement is void if, and to the extent that, it purports in relation to an actual or prospective regulated agreement

                      (a)to provide that a person acting as, or on behalf of, a negotiator is to be treated as the agent of the debtor or hirer, or

                      (b)to relieve a person from liability for acts or omissions of any person acting as, or on behalf of, a negotiator.

                      (4)For the purposes of this Act, antecedent negotiations shall be taken to begin when the negotiator and the debtor or hirer first enter into communication (including communication by advertisement), and to include any representations made by the negotiator to the debtor or hirer and any other dealings between them.

                      go after the finance company who you made payments to, forget the broker


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                        Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

                        I got my SAR documents through today and it refreshed my memory as to all the dodgy dealings we had with them at the time! I was working part-time but it was 25 hours per week which did qualify me for the PPI. However, I definitely went to college that year full-time and knew this was to be the case at the time. We did also try to cancel the policy in the cooling off period but were unable to and were sold the insurance as a condition of the loan so I'm still going to go ahead with my claim, it may just not be as straight forward as I had hoped

                        Let round one commence!


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                          Re: Yes Car Credit PPI reclaim

                          may i please ask what happen to ur claim as i am in process of my husband now and it has been been declined by DOFS.

                          So annoying.

                          Wondering if u had any luck?



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