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Application to Stike Out PPI claim what next???

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  • Application to Stike Out PPI claim what next???

    Hope someone can help please i am getting a little nervous and fear i couldincur more costs if my case gets struck out.

    Quick outline:

    Car purchased in Jan 2005 from Yes Car credit, my first car and loan, i wastold several times that i needed to take out the insurances to purchase the car.

    I sent letters in 2009 which got refused and again in 2011 again beingrefused.

    Went through MCOL, a few more letters sent to Irwin Mitchell requesting the commissions paid but i was refused any of this and told i am not entitled to thatinformation.

    I now have a a application notice to strike out claim with a witness statement from a Paralegal from Irwin Mitchell reasons being CPR 3.4 (2) (a)and /or (b).

    They also state that it is more than 6 years from the accrual of action.

    It also states i should have to play the defendantís costs???

    I am due to give birth next week and the court case is 28th of August.

    How i do respond to the claims made in the Application notice and witness statement?

    Not sure what to do next??

    I wouldn't mind seeking some professional advice(don't mind paying) so it doesn't get struck out on a technicality or something i have missed as i am certainly no professional!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Re: Application to Stike Out PPI claim what next???


    Could you send full details to me in a PM, please, so that I can get a better idea of what grounds Irwin Mitchell have for strike-out. Please also be aware that Yes had their OFT consumer credit licences revoked, or they surrendered them, or had appeals against revocation thrown out or withdrawn. It may come to the point that seeking advice from a legal professional is the best way forward.

    Life is a journey on which we all travel, sometimes together, but never alone.



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