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Authorisation Cancelled - Allsure,Chase Alexander, Refund Claims, Refund PPI Claims

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  • Authorisation Cancelled - Allsure,Chase Alexander, Refund Claims, Refund PPI Claims

    From the MOJ CMR

    Business Name: Allsure Ltd
    Address: 6 Lockside Office Park
    Lockside Road Town/City: PRESTON Postcode: PR2 2YS County: Lancashire
    Trading Names: Chase Alexander, Refund Claims, Refund PPI Claims
    Sectors: Financial products/services, Personal Injury Status: Authorisation Cancelled
    As a result of an investigation the Claims Management Regulator has cancelled Allsure Ltd’s authorisation to provide claims management services under the Compensation Act 2006 with effect from 22 August 2017.

    Allsure Ltd was found in breach of the following Conduct of Authorised Persons Rules 2014:

    Client Specific Rule 1: A business shall –
    a) Act fairly and reasonably in dealings with all clients.
    b) Ensure that any service offered is one that meets the needs of the client and satisfies the requirements of these Rules.
    c) Ensure that all information given to the client is clear, transparent, fair and not misleading.
    e) Where advice is given, advise the client to pursue cases only if it is in the interests of the client to do so.

    The cancellation means that Allsure Ltd may no longer carry out any claims management services.
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