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letter from MIL Collection re: outstanding debt with BankSmart

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  • letter from MIL Collection re: outstanding debt with BankSmart

    my wife has received a letter from MIL Collections stating she had to pay 20 for an outstanding debt of 10 for Bank Smart relating toPPI claim a few years ago. My wife did use BankSmart but was unaware of any fee payable and has not received any correspondence from them regarding any amounts due. I appreciate it is only a small sum but I am reluctant to pay as whey have not provided any paperwork confirming the amount due. They have said if she does not pay up it will be taken further and will incur more costs. Should she just pay the money or contest it. Again I know it is a small amount but it's the principle. Thank you I advance.
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    Re: letter from MIL Collection re: outstanding debt with BankSmart

    What a world we live in when a 10 debt goes to collection agencies who then double it to 'make it worth their while' ! To my mind, this equates to recovering 'bread & butter' amounts through nothing more than desk duties.

    Their actions are probably well over the top and I cannot see how 'further action' is going to be to anyone's advantage here. There is no doubt that small debts like this should be written off, for efficiency purposes if nothing else, although there reaction to you suggests their 'might' should be taken seriously and 'we are not in the business of setting precedents' etc.

    What sort of debt collection agencies take on debts of 10? The sort, I imagine, that I would tend to ignore!
    Just my thoughts of course .... :taunt:





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