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Lowell financial JD Williams claim

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  • Lowell financial JD Williams claim

    Hi i hope this is in the right section

    a few weeks ago i received 2 annual statement letters from a company called Lowell Financial Ltd, the letters stated the original company name as JD Williams

    Both letters were for different amounts

    Statement 1 original credit agreement date 27/10/2012 - amount £249.29
    Statement 2 original credit agreement date 18/11/2012 - amount £228.93

    At first my wife and i believed this was some form of scam, so i contacted our local constabulary and they advised i contact action fraud, i reported the statement letters to action fraud who gave me a ref number

    after looking up Lowell group on the internet i sent an email with the relevant details and ref numbers from action fraud and simply said we have never heard of you, you appear to have sent us some demands for money we know nothing about and have never heard of.

    Slightly concerned by these letters i joined on a free basis the experion website, tbh i do not know what i was looking for but after poking around thoroughly i found no JD williams mentioned anywhere on any past history, our thoughts are that i have been a victim of ID theft

    so after sending the email saying we have never heard of you and checking to see if anyone had used my name and address to set up an account and finding nothing we thought that was that and simply put it down to some fool getting there records wrong somehow

    Nope not that simple... we then received another Lowell group letter stating we had not paid so BPO Collections Ltd were going to contact us and i had to contact them immediate effect !!!

    for no apparent reason some company had demanded money from us and then threatened us with a collection agency !!!!! How is this possible ?? needless to say my wife was in a terrible state of fright.. we had never heard of these people before

    So again i sent another letter to Lowell group reiterating we had no knowledge of them or JD williams but this time i asked for proof such as signatures, CCTV footage, delivery addresses.

    This resulted in a letter from lowell group acknowledging a complaint with a ref number saying they would look into it

    what more can i do to prove to these parasites i owe them nothing and be done with this whole ridiculous affair

    and this was in bold in the middle of there complaint recognition email to me
    __________________________________________________ ______________________________
    Regrettably, we have no authority to correspond with you via this email address, therefore, we request that you confirm your postal address, including post code and date of birth to allow us to verify the details. Should it be the case that these details are not received prior to our final response being issued, this will be sent to the postal address that we hold on record for you.
    __________________________________________________ _____

    What ?? who ?? it just left me scratching my head
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    Re: Lowell financial JD Williams claim

    I see no harm in you contacting J D Williams to ask them for proof that you ever did business with them.

    It appears that J D Williams have sold the debt to Lowells. However if they (J D Williams) discover this was I D theft then there's a possibility they'll communicate that to Lowells.

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