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bank-smart lose in court over t&c's

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  • Re: bank-smart lose in court over t&c's

    Originally posted by vern View Post
    Fingers crossed that's what I thought might stop them hassling me for another 3 years lol thanks for the advice will keep posted if I hear anything else from them
    Hi Vern
    I've just been emailed with 3 breach of contracts for 3 claims , same kind of situation as yours, have you heard any more on yours


    • Re: bank-smart lose in court over t&c's

      Originally posted by Rosscos View Post
      Hi folks, I was looking for some advice on Bank Smart and a recent bill they sent me. About three years ago, after sending mail repeatedly to my old address (and to my ex wife) offering their services, they then sent me the standard cold call type mail to my newer address claiming they can get me ppi money back from loans I'd had over the years. I stupidly believed it wouldn't hurt to see if they could help.
      From memory (this was the only time I ever had any contact with them) I put some bare details on the form and returned it to them. I didn't even include a loan account number or amount etc. just that I had a loan some years back and the name of my bank and that's it, not even my date of birth on my personal details. That's the last I'd heard from them for three years as I just forgot/didn't bother to chase it up as knowing I'd not given them any details to go on I assumed it wouldn't go anywhere. I also moved house last year.

      Yesterday I bumped into an old neighbour who passed me a letter from Bank Smart which was detailed as a first invoice for 316. I have no idea what it's for as they can't have investigated something I didn't give them details on ?! I followed the online information as per the letter and logged on to my alleged account to verify it wasn't a spam email.

      Smelling a rat, I then trawled the Internet and saw the numerous "victims" they have billed in this manner so decided to email their complaints department stating what I've said above, asking for details of who to send a subject access request to, asked for my invoice to be cancelled and I informed them I was going to pass the matter on to the Ministry of Justice, the Legal Ombudsman and cc'd my email to the Financial Conduct Authority.

      I have no doubt that none of this will work and they will try their T&Cs scam whereby they say I owe them for "investigating" my claim even though they had nothing to really investigate. Regardless of if they even did have that info, how did they come to the figure of over 300 as people online have stated they were billed the initial 99 + vat ?! I am worried that they will continue to bill/invoice me until it goes up as they've done with people in the past !! Any professional advice would be greatly appreciated on further action I can take. I'll post more info when/if they get back to me regarding my email.

      Many thanks folks !
      I have exactly the same situation , originally contacted in 2013 , signed original search form, then signed nothing else, then received 3 breaches of contract totalling over 1000 this week





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