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question about protection rights when taking out a secured loan

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  • question about protection rights when taking out a secured loan

    If you have purchased goods or services using the credit then in certain circumstances you may be able to take up any issues with the creditor, where you cannot get a solution from the supplier. However, the goods or services must be more than 30,000 in value and the credit taken out must not be more than 60,260.

    Can anyone explain the above to me? What are the certain circumstances they are referring to when purchasing services with a credit loan?
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    Your request is a paragraph lifted from Compact Law article referring to Credit agreements and Hire Purchase, not necessarily secured loans

    The circumstances are:

    (a)that the supplier cannot be traced,

    (b)that the debtor has contacted the supplier but the supplier has not responded,

    (c)that the supplier is insolvent, or

    (d)that the debtor has taken reasonable steps to pursue his claim against the supplier but has not obtained satisfaction for his claim.

    As per Consumer Credit Act 1975 Sec 75A (2)



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