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High court writ

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    Re: High court writ

    Here is the National Debtline Fact Sheet which take a step by step approach to High Court Enforcement -https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/Pages/highcourtenforcement/highcourtbailiffs.aspx - I was asked to look over this when it was first produced at the time of the new Regulations, and made some helpful comments which were included.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Originally posted by Amethyst View Post
    Thank you xx Would it be the standard application fees ?


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      Re: High court writ

      Thought I would look in to see how things are going.

      In the meantime I would be very wary of anyone who offers to help that is going to cost you money whether it be telephone conversations, doing your form applications etc. Also be wary of any website that does not list their contact details as any worth their salt will not only list their phone number but also an address - not a PO BOX - that you can write to. If it is an individual then ask what Job Title they have and ask to see their qualifications and ask for some names & addresses of those that have had success so you can follow them up.


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        Re: High court writ

        Ok debtline have definitely said I need an n244 to stay the execution and stop the high court writ, which does cost 50 I have also put in the witness statement that I offer to pay in instalments. I've read and re read their fact sheet on high court writs and used the templates.
        They also said to apply for a variation order on an n245 cost of 50.
        I still don't see the point in that as the n244 seems to be dual purpose? I'm asking for an order to stay the execution pending a hearing.
        I do need to send it to the court where it was granted but ask in the application for it to be transferred to my local district registry for the hearing.

        I'm super confused to be fair!


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          Re: High court writ

          Stay has been granted, I filled the n244 and n245 paid 50.

          New hearing at at local court.

          Marstons have been stopped ������������



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