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Financial crisis caused by insurance claim solicitors poor performance

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  • Financial crisis caused by insurance claim solicitors poor performance

    I have tried to search every possible google search to see what to do as I was hit by an insured driver 2.5yrs ago, have now more than exhausted all my savings, am not entitled to any benefits or housing allowance due to circumstances, but have no possibility of income in the foreseeable future.

    My solicitors have not acted to get any medical help, did not respond to my letter in 2015 explaining the circumstances of my injuries and I have no more income due to both chronic back pain which has been diagnosed as life long and PTSD recurrence due to accident.

    My solicitors asked for a 5k interim, but only 2K was forthcoming and I now cannot afford to pay for gas elec rent etc with just my partners wage coming in.

    Does anyone know of any strategies/help in the mean time as I will very soon lose my house due to the accident as well as getting defaults on cards etc.

    Surely I am not the first to be in the position of losing my income through no fault of my own, but have nowhere to turn to stop me losing my house etc until the medical reports and insurers agree payments. The third party insurers have already accepted their client was fully responsible for the accident. I have spent days trawling the internet, but nothing anywhere.

    I have used up 40K in savings, inc. 15K in hire charges for replacement vehicle (arranged locally on advice from my insurer and solicitor after explaining requiring tow bar, the latter I have an email confirming it was ok to hire from my wife's business, evidence her business included hiring Range Rovers from 2005) and have nowhere to turn.

    If anyone can recommend anything I would be eternally grateful.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Any further information you need to help advise me will be posted on request in a way that hopefully keeps my anonymity.
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