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PRA Group CCJ, next step??

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    Re: PRA Group CCJ, next step??

    They have sent me a CCA with no signature on or dates but there is a section at the top were it has my old name & address, but I was not that name or lived at that address when I took out the original agreement with Virgin credit. I'm just wondering if I can use it in my defence as 'fake documentation I guess??'


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      Re: PRA Group CCJ, next step??

      Originally posted by BabyBax View Post
      I have not sent a letter requesting a CPR however following my defence which I wrote.

      "Defendant is without information . . . . . "

      I have not received a copy of the original default notice between myself and Virgin Money.
      I think you need to send a CPR 31.14 Request asap.

      From what you say the Claimant has filed an Amended Particulars of Claim because the court made an Order saying their claim would be struck out if they didn't do that by 8th March. They have now complied with that order.

      In your CPR 31.14 Request you should ask for everything mentioned in the new POC. And you ask (tell) them to respond in seven days so you'll be able to refer to their non-response (if that's the case) in your Amended Defence.

      Originally posted by BabyBax View Post
      The letter I last had from the courts states that I have until the 22nd March to file & serve Amended Defence.
      What do the new POC say?

      In other words the court has allowed them to move the goalposts and has also allowed you to move yours.

      Game on

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