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Equita. How to stop bailiffs

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  • Equita. How to stop bailiffs

    Hi. I have omitted my payment to Equita due to travelling. Paid the remainder 153 on 27 February. Received final notice of a law enforcement officer on 28 February. When spoke to him, he insisted he has to be paid 235 for his visit. We have agreed on 7 days of postponement.
    I have contacted council and emailed them all the receipts of the payments. But council says it will need time till Tuesday to look into the case, as they haven't received any of the payments from Equita, neither 100 I paid in January.
    The bailiffs are harassing me for the payment for their visit. Is there anything I can do to stop them until council decided on the case.
    Thank you
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    Re: Equita. How to stop bailiffs

    You need to explain more what this about including what was originally outstanding and what fees have been added.


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      Re: Equita. How to stop bailiffs

      Sorry, didn't realise it was posted, so I posted a new thread with more details.

      I had an enforcement notice on 23 January for 253. Paid 100 on 30th and agreed to pay the remainder one week later. Paid on 27th late, was very short of money that month. On 28th bailiff left 24h notice to pay 388, which included his 235 enforcement charge. Spoke to him on the phone on the 29th when I actually saw the notice. He gave me 7 days to pay. I called him today that I have raised the matter with Barnet council and sent them all the paperwork that the debt was paid on 27th, hence there was no need for the enforcement on 28th.

      Council hasn't received the payment, they will come back to me next week on Tuesday after they looked through all the paperwork I sent them.
      In the meantime bailiffs threatens that if I don't pay today they will come with their 2nd visit to the property with further charges incuring.



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