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Debt recovery plus

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  • Debt recovery plus

    This is my first time posting so forgive me if I've done something wrong lol I have received two parking tickets at Uni (private land) one was in a car park and the other parking on the road in a "loading bay". I ignored it all as the tickets were really expensive and I didn't think was fair. I've since then had 3/4 letters trying to get me to pay and I ignored them. Eventually Debt recovery got involved and have since been sending me lots of letters about intended court action as the tickets have gone to 120 pounds each. I just wanted to know where I stand with this. Thank you.
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    Re: Debt recovery plus

    Wait till tou get a letter saying they "will take you to court", none of the airy fairy "may take you to court" or "recommend court"


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      Re: Debt recovery plus

      Thank you! They've sent a follow up letter saying "notice of intended court action" should I be worried and just pay it or is this just one of their funny ways of getting me to pay up ?


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        Re: Debt recovery plus

        Drp are envelope stuffers who send various letters to scare people in to part with cash. The Nigerian's are jealous at how much cash they get. Sod em.

        File it.

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          Re: Debt recovery plus

          Hey guys ignored it as you guys said. But after ages of not receiving anything they've sent another letter before court referral. I'm a bit worried now as obviously I don't want to
          Go to court and I've read about the Beavis case. Any advice would be helpful!



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