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  • Budget summary

    I was wondering if anbody could help me im currently filling in a budget summary(national debtline budget sumary for creditors) for a debt relif order but i dont understand what some things could mean can anybody please help.

    1.Childcare costs (is this what i spend on my child each month for food, cloths etc or is it for someone looking after them?)

    2.Adult care costs?

    3. housekeeping (is this where i should put the amount spent on myself, my child and my partner for food, household items etc

    4.telephone costs? wont this be seen as a luxury? (even tho i need a phone for jobs and for people to contact me on

    I would appreicate any help with this

    and this is what im filling in
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    Re: Budget summary

    Can anybody please help i really need to finish completeing this form but i am not sure about these things.


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      Re: Budget summary

      Hi and welcome, I have found this helpful info http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/nirela...eting_tool.htm

      If you go through the form you will see there is info at the top of each page as to how and what to put in each box, hopefully that will explain things for you and ensure you have missed nothing out.
      Enaid x





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