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Natwest Saga- debts change to dysden Fairfax from evershed double the debt

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  • Natwest Saga- debts change to dysden Fairfax from evershed double the debt

    in 2009 joined First Step Finance and on that plan Natwest came after my husband and my selves aggressively with court orders etc
    paid 1 to eversheds since 2011 due to massive changes in circumstances
    RBS then offer ppi compensation in 2012/3 and accepted they offset off the debt
    2016 Dysden Fairfax take on the debt
    We now get individual paperwork which is asking from us over double original debt and i cannot get them to clarify in writing they will accept 1 off us as they keep corresponding individually
    Meanwhile along side all this saga been dealing with Missold mortgage and NHS diagnosis of daughter learning disability which is sequencing plus Irlens syndrome and Chronic fatigue,
    my husband presents with same sequencing issue, someone then states to me is he capable of making decisions under the mental capacity act.

    From this i finally have found orginal papers and see a catalogue of errors on the 2 courtcases which have taken place on both of us individually for the same debt for 2 different amounts - need clarification of if this is a misscariage of justice.
    I have done a subject data access order from new solicitors they have none of the paper work from evershed, just taken their word of the amount owning as set their computer up
    Not heard from Dysden Fairfax for 6 months but know court orders are on these debts

    Plus need advice if have case now under the mental capasity act as my husband has sequencing issues.

    Just need advice and direct talk with a legal team
    CAB only recommended local firms who do probate and divorce and convencing

    just need to talk to some expert in this field on Debts court orders and debts as advised by Step Change org
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