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Moon Beaver and an old debt - what should I offer them to end the nightmare?

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  • Moon Beaver and an old debt - what should I offer them to end the nightmare?

    Hi everyone, long time no see.

    Quick story: Was subject to a disciplinary in Feb 2012 and went to get some 'proper' legal advice from a solicitors in Manchester first. Must have received a bill at some point, probably while reading the letter telling me I no longer had a job. Deep depression put me into a padded cell for much of that year. In the meantime, CCJ against me for 1,269.25 + Judgment costs of 182.00 - Fair enough, never had a CCJ before, but not functioning properly at the time..

    Finally got my act together in July 2012 after some very big burly chaps kept knocking on the door for a few weeks (at my new address - yes I'd had to move) and finding money somewhat tight i offered 20 a month until i could afford more. I have one letter acknowledging this, but no bill or breakdown of costs or anything to describe the additions which I have TODAY become aware of (from asking for it). Costs of Execution 111.75, Accrued Interest 113.53, or Disbursements at 639. Total now 2,315.93. Apparently interest is still going on it at 30p per day !!!:0 I seem to remember the 'nice' lady at HCEG telling me only to pay 20 a month if I couldn't really afford 50. Crikey.

    No statements, no total, no contact from High Court Enforcement Group on behalf of their client Moon Beever until today. Apparently my balance still outstanding is 1,195.93 - I have paid off 1,120 at 20 per month.

    Can anyone please advise me: a) can they add this lot? b) I can't sort out what I still owe off the original bill, who I owe what to and therefore what would be acceptable as an offer.

    Any help gratefully received.

    Thanks guys n gals.
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