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Debt mis sold Lowell/Capquest.

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  • Debt mis sold Lowell/Capquest.

    Evening all,

    I was wondering if I could get a little advice abou a debt I owe.

    Origianl debt was with JD williams from 2003. Defaulted with the catalogue in 2010 leaving a balance of 1600. I heard nothing about this account until 2012 when it was sold to Lowells. Total balance was now 2442. Without asking for a breakdown in charges, I blindly added it to my debt management plan and Lowells got 5.12p a month towards the debt.
    In 2013, Capquest randomly issued me with a CCJ threat and I sent them proof I was paying the debt but with Lowells. It didn't go to court and I had a letter from Capquest saying the account was now closed. In October 2014 I received a letter from JD Williams saying the account was mis sold, and that it belongs to Capquest. I then received a letter from Capquest saying they own the debt. After calling Lowells, They confirmed it was mis sold and had passed over all payments to Capquest.
    Kensington finance who were dealing with my debts have now closed down their debt management side, and passed all accounts to another company which im waiting on paper work for so I can join them.

    My issue is now Capquest have been adding fee's and charges and my debt now stands at a whopping 2785. They have even included court costs for issueing the CCJ even though at the time, I was able to prove paying another company and had (and still have) a letter from JD williams saying that Lowell owned my debt since 2010.

    I telephoned JD williams to ask them why my debt was mis sold, and was passed over to a guy who is being quite helpful in trying to sort my account out, but he is also appalled at the charges added on to my origial debt.

    Am I responsible for these charges, considering my debt was mis sold? I feel like I should be paying on my original balance and not a penny more, as interest and charges added to an account that was told wasn't their debt seems unfair!

    Where do I go from here?

    Thank you xx
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    Re: Debt mis sold Lowell/Capquest.

    Frustrating isn't it.

    My partner has a Lowells one for Debenhams, outstanding balance in 2001 was 807 pounds.
    Shes been paying 1 a month since 2001 without fail and the ownership of the debt has bounced via 3 different collection parties, statement this month its only 797 so in 14 years old a tenner is paid off !!!! I am clueless at present how to fight this !!! I certainly know it aint right !



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