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F&F offers help please

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  • F&F offers help please

    I currently have the following debts :

    6,106.00 Cap Quest (Shop Direct) Default Date 18/01/2012 CCJ Date 15/04/2013. Account started 01/05/2002. I acknowledged court papers from northampton court and offered 30 pm which was accepted. However, I have been sending my cheque every month and it gets sent back from the where I send it to saying they are not dealing with this anymore. I continue to send a chq rec delivery every month and every month it gets returned. Had no contact from anyone re debt for 15 months.

    300 ARC (Quik Quid loan) Default Date 13/10/2011 Start Date 23/06/2011. I am paying them 10 pm.

    3,261 Experto Credite (MBNA Credit Card) Default Date 31/05/2012. Start Date 20/10/2009. Not paying anything. They ring me 10 times a day but i ignore the call. Never write to me.

    482 Motormile Finance (Payday loan) Default Date 15/07/2011 Start Date 31/03/2011. Not paying anything and they currently arent contacting me.

    2,812 Lowell (Vanquis Bank credit card) Default Date 31/05/2012 Start Date 11/10/2006. Not paying anything but they ring and write constantly and have send an email with 20% reduction for settlement.

    My current situation is, as im sure many others affected by debt are, that this has all made me very ill. My mum now wants to offer to pay these off to get rid off all this debt.

    Can i please ask advise on what is the best way for me to proceed. Obviously my credit file is shot to pieces anyway and I am looking for the cheapest possible way to be rid of all this debt and cost my dear mum as little as possible. Obviously I only want f&f settlements and have read on all the ways in which to do this eg by letter only (have seen all the templates) and getting the cheque sent from my mum etc.

    Is there anything that I should be doing before i enter into a negotiation. In particular re the CCJ debt which the account was started in 2002. If they managed to secure a CCJ does this mean they would have shown the original signed paperwork in court?

    In terms of a f&f settlement I understand that i need this is writing stating it is in full and final settlement and the remaining debt will not be passsed on etc however what will they mark my credit file as? Part settled or settled?

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.
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