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  • Spreadsheet Queries

    Excel Contractual and Statutory Interest Spreadsheets are here:


    If there are any problems or queries with using these spreadsheets, then please post them in this thread. This is for spreadsheet queries only, and not for general discussions of contractual interest.

    Chatting about the weather may, however, be allowed occasionally.
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    Credit Card Spreadsheet


    All 3 of the Credit_Card-Loan spreadsheets have an error in cell K6--(the total of Interest on Interest)--instead of summing col K-it sums the hidden col L which is Cumultive Penalties. Have E-mailed you--together with some Gorilla pictures.



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      Thanks Turboman. Analysis much appreciated, mate. I've been offline for a bit, but should be back any time now. I have a new set of spreadies ready to upload, which I have tested a little more thoroughly than the original ones, which were a bit "rushed," TBH.

      Apologies to anyone who has experienced this fault.




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        One Spreadsheet fits all !!!

        I have now managed to create a single spreadsheet that does the lot !!

        This one can be used for both credit card/loan and current accounts.

        It can also be used for both simple and compound interest, with the interest calculation and display sheet needing just two commands - annual interest rate, and interest type (ie., simple or compound). The display sheet can then be copied within the spreadsheet as separate pages with different interest rates, copied as external files, or simply used as it is for printing out the different rates with "alternatives" claims by just throwing a couple of switches to display the different rates.

        Because of its' modular, skeletal nature, it is much smaller than the multi-sheet spreadsheet, but can be expanded to any size, if required. It is therefore easier to upload/download. I consider it as a "one size fits all" creation, and I commend it to the House !!

        There is a 400-line, and a 100-line version here:

        Last edited by Simian; 13th July 2007, 14:27:PM. Reason: Updated link added


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          One Spreadsheet fits all !!!

          Well done Bill, I shall be having a play with this one later!


          • #6
            Thanks Jan - I'd be interested to hear any comments on it, so please test it to destruction.


            • #7
              I have having some problems with my spreadsheet. After adding rows to my 8% interest spreadsheet it now has 208 rows. The interest worksheet only reflects interest down to row 101 (preset by the creator of the spreadshet). Shouldn't the interest reflect what is inputted into the charges worksheet and also go down to row 208? Please advise.


              • #8
                diamond i have just posted on your thread a solution


                • #9
                  Diamond, you have to add the corresponding number of rows to all the worksheets that you are using within that file.


                  • #10
                    Ok - as I add the additional rows on the charges worksheet - I have to go into the interest sheet and add them there too?


                    • #11
                      Yes, that's right, as they still have commands in the cells to tell them to reference the other sheet(s), the cells/rows have to be copied downwards as well.


                      • #12
                        Thanks Simian!


                        • #13
                          Hope it helped !!

                          FWIW, we're working on one that will automatically do this, as you add each line.

                          Don't hold your breath, though - it ain't that easy.


                          • #14
                            I've just been checking my spreadsheet and had to make a few amendments - but totally forgot to add rows in the interest tab - now it doesn't match the charges worksheet. How do I rectify? This has to be the worst part of the whole process! I tried adding additionally rows to match but the new rows are not formatted so it doesn't make the calculation!! So frustrating! Help!!!


                            • #15
                              Simian, is there any way you can create a spreadsheet which has 300 formatted lines in both the charges and interest worksheets (so I don't have to add any rows) and I'll just start again?!



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