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  • Settlement offers


    Stumbled across this site by chance and glad I did, already read some great advice.

    I have a couple of defaults that I need to pay off in order to be able to move forward in my career(believe it or not I work in Financial Services!).

    One is with Halifax and is for 1100, the other an old Welcome loan that is now with MKDP for 2700.

    I want to offer them full and final settlements but unsure what kind of figures they're likely to accept, so any advice on that most welcome. To be able to accept a new job it'd be worth paying the full amounts, but obviously I'd rather pay less if at all possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help on this.
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    Re: Settlement offers

    Halifax will not go as low as MKDP - it's always much easier to negotiate a F&F once its been passed to a DCA.

    There's a really good thread on here somewhere about negotiating F&F's - I'll see if I can find it for you. If not, start low - with Halifax maybe 20% which they won't accept, with MKDP I'd offer 15%. Obviously you will need to go up, but you don't want to pay one penny more than you need to.

    Off to look for that thread, as there's some pitfalls to avoid. :tinysmile_grin_t:

    Here you are:

    Watertight Full Finals Settlements? - Legal Beagles Consumer Forum



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