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Credit default affecting credit score

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  • Credit default affecting credit score

    I am new to this forum, so apologies if I am asking stupid questions:

    In February 2009 I defaulted on payment of an RBS credit card debt. The balance was satisfied, but it is still showing up on my Experian credit score (and will continue to do so until after February 2015 I believe?).

    I am attempting to secure a mortgage, and have no other credit issues, but am anxious about applying for a mortgage with this hanging over me. Is there any way to remove this from my record? I have seen numerous posts about requesting original default notices, but does doing so improve one's credit score?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Re: Credit default affecting credit score

    Unless there are exceptional circumstances then no there's hardly any chance of getting it removed.


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      Re: Credit default affecting credit score

      Was the default satisfied within the 14 days to remedy on the default notice sent to you by RBS?

      If not, then there is nothing you can do am afraid, as the default on your file will be deemed an accurate record.

      If it the default is dated 2009 then it will fall of your credit file next year, as they are only on your file for 6 years.
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        Re: Credit default affecting credit score

        I have a problem, where I was a victim of Fraud, Had a bank account taken over which also included ID theft when banking with NAT WEST a few years ago, cutting a long story short I complained to the Bank and Financial Ombudsman went over and over and over the circumstances, but did not get any satisfactory resolution. It also applied to several other companies, Credit cards and other Credit organisations where I was the victim. I then refused to pay them an outstanding amount owed on one of their credit cards as they did not repay me the money back for the fraud that occurred on any compensation for 2 years worth of Investigations, and stress that I have been caused which left me unable to work. IS THERE NO LAW THAT AS A VICTIM OF FRAUD THESE BANKS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO PUT BLACK MARKS ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT WHEN THEY DID NOT PROTECT ME THE CUSTOMER BY ALLOWING A THIRD PARTY TO REMAIN ON AN ACCOUNT AFTER I SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED THE REMOVAL OF THE PERSON NUMEROUS TIMES



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