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Marbles Credit card offer....

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  • Marbles Credit card offer....

    Trying to reclaim some credit card charges (Marbles credit card), just over 500 including interest. HFC said no way so went to FOS who have written to me with an offer of 1.91 taking into account 407 which was written off due to an IVA being in place at the time. We have never had an IVA, we did pay off the credit card early and got an early settlement figure which was about 300 under what was owed at the time. Can anyone help me out here?

    Just had a look at the statements they sent me When I settled this account they gave me an early settlement figure which was 324.25 less than what was owed, it seems HFC have added interest to this figure upto June 2005, six months after this account was closed, making a total of 407.68??
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    Re: Marbles Credit card offer....

    Well Ruby it would seem to me that if you settled with them for 324 less than you actually owed, then they will be a bit unhappy about you reclaiming the charges. Tbh, if thats the case, you didn't actually pay the charges anyway (or at least not all of them) so can't see that you would have a case for reclaiming them, really.
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      Re: Marbles Credit card offer....

      i've been in this situation with Marbles and this is something they seem to do.



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