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lloyds tsb sold credit card to capquest

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  • lloyds tsb sold credit card to capquest

    Hey guys just wanted to know what should i do next??
    Flaming parrot was helping me but i cant get hold of her,
    Lloyds sold a credit card debt to capquest last year capquest then said they were taking me to court fp advised to send them a prove it letter capquest then got bsck to me saying they had spoken to lloyds and are still trying to find my agreement and they would contact me within 28 days ( may not of been those exact words) i havent heard anything then the 28 days must of run out they have sent me another letter saying they are still speaking to lloyds and they will speak to me soon.
    So what should i do now?? Should i just wait till they contact again??
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    Re: lloyds tsb sold credit card to capquest

    kayles5, did you ever get a response to this? I have had dealings with Capquest since they bought my Marbles account in January 2014, no Court action threatened yet as they can't produce a legible CCA - have a look at the thread, which might help.
    Ignore the bits about the FOS, which aren't relevant to Capquest.



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