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Upferret v HSBC help needed please

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  • Upferret v HSBC help needed please

    Hi, I need a bit of help with my case please if anyone would be so kind!

    I have spent months trying to get a true copy of my CCa from HSBC. I did a CCA request, then a SAR. With my SAR there was no agreement included at all. I wrote to them a further 2 times and I received a filled out credit card application form (by them) It has my name and address and a few other details filled out. They tell me this complies with the law in regards to what they need to send. I was advised that it wasnt compliant with a SAR and they should have sent me a true copy of the original, including the same prescribed terms as in my CCA. I have filed an N1 form and an allocation questionnaire and I'm awaiting a court date for non comliance of the SAR. HSBC have entered a defence saying theyve sent all they need to and the case should be struck off as an abuse of process. I have ssince been advised on another forum to discontinue this case as I will not win because the wording of the DPA law is so vauge that they will have complied with it by sending me the application form. Others are still adivsing me they have not complied. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice everywhere on if they have een compliant or not. Can someone confirm to me (and back it up with the law) if HSBC have complied or not? The application form states it is also a credit agreement. It doesnt contain APR,interest rate, or credit limit. Do these have to be included on a "true copy"? I know they can leave certain things out but I thought the prescribed terms needed to be included? If they have complied does this mean they are admitiing that my agreement has none of the prescribed terms on it? I am really lost now, I thought I knew what I was doing until now!

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    Re: Upferret v HSBC help needed please




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