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Monument Credit Card Cheque Recieved

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  • Monument Credit Card Cheque Recieved

    Hi guys.

    I had a credit card from monument back in 2006 which i did not pay off and went on until it disappeared from my credit file as i made no contact and the 6 years past since last payment made.

    Today I received a letter from monument stating

    Further to your recent contact with our customer service department, please find a cheque enclosed for the outstanding credit balance of your Monument visa credit card account as requested.

    it has a cheque of some 300 odd amount attached to it.

    Just wanted to know if that is legit as I never contacted them at all and this letter came out of the blue.
    I wonder how they have my present address as I have been out of contact with them for last 11 years.

    Please let me know if it is legit or a trap to make me accept a statute barred debt again.

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