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Desperately seeking help - Lowell disagreement

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    Re: Desperately seeking help - Lowell disagreement

    I am sorry if I sounded doom and gloom and yes I do think it's harsh that one relatively small payment can hurt you.

    There is no harm trying the goodwill route but it's about managing your expectations.

    If lowell or the I o do play ball so much the better, if not , there is little you can do.

    Originally posted by nemesis45 View Post
    Despite the gloom and doom statement it's well worth trying to get the default removed it's is unfair that a default for a small amount on a phone agreement should blight ones life and prevent you getting credit as normal rates or prevent you getting a mortgage for years, try the gesture of good will approach.

    Any advice or opinions I offer are based on my experience dealing with personal debt as well as other life events.
    I have no formal legal training
    Any advice is offered without liability
    If in doubt take professional legal advice or contact the CAB


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      Re: Desperately seeking help - Lowell disagreement

      Originally posted by Phoenix1792 View Post
      I'm still not crazy about having to wait another 4 years to get a mortgage!
      I can't see any good grounds for the default to be removed. You can try the goodwill appeal but I would be surprised if it works.

      BUT you don't have to wait until the default disappears to get a mortgage. Anecdotally you can get a mortgage at a reasonable rate from some high street lenders if a default is
      a) over 3 years old and
      b) has been repaid fro more than a year.

      So that would be this time next year Go through a broker, don't apply direct to a lender as you may choose one who is picky about old defaults.

      If you have an unusually large deposit and very good income for what you want to borrow, it could be worth talking to a broker now.


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        Re: Desperately seeking help - Lowell disagreement

        Ah that's amazing to know, thanks DebtCamel.



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