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Lowell v Danny the return leg

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  • Lowell v Danny the return leg

    Hi all,

    I had a sucess with the help of this forum here

    But as Lowell wouldnt let sleeping beagles lie, I dont see why I should.

    I recieved a letter from Lowells during my county court fun and games with them, the relevant parts being...

    "due to non payment the account defaulted on 10/09/11 and was registered on your credit file. The last payment toward your account was for 13 on 10/1/11"

    The account was for a mobile that was stolen and charges to premium lines in Algeria rung up.
    I got into an email correspondence with T-mobile where I was originally offered a reduced payment
    deal but when I accepted it , it was withdrawn and the full balance demanded.
    I still have the emails, the latest dated 10/2/11.

    So I consider this to be SB from tomorrow.
    I also consider the account to have been "in dispute" when it was sold to the first of a chain of recovery companies.
    I consider the default date to be 1 month after the final payment ie: 10/2/11 and therefor it should clear from my file tomorrow.
    Lowells are the holders of the default and should make all this happen for me.

    What say you?

    on a side issue, the default ammont on my file is 100 more than the original default figure and I assume
    this is made up of charges? This cant be right shirley!?
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