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Barclays partner finance - no default 4yrs

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  • Barclays partner finance - no default 4yrs

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help as I'm now so confused. I had a car loan through Barclays partner finance and through a whole series of events I fell behind with payments. I haven't paid anything since January 2013 and have had no contact with them.
    I registered for my credit file with Experian and noticed that this has been marked as 4s since 2013 and never defaulted. I live in Scotland so was hoping it would be Statute barred next year but can I ask for a default to be added now or will that muck everything up? The original balance was 749 but they have added on so many default notices it is now at 1359. Can anyone please give me any advice as to which way to go.

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