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PLEASE HELP: Equifax credit report

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  • PLEASE HELP: Equifax credit report

    Hi All,

    Would really appreciate someones help. I've been cleaning up my credit files and Experian is close to being sorted out so just signed up to Equifax, added the last 3 addresses to set up my profile but cant seem to find the option to add more adresses to cover the last 6 years.

    I have one default registered from a previous address but as I was only able to add 3 addresses on the profile page I'm not able to bring up any details from that address on my equifax report.

    With Experian you can go back 10 years of previous addresses if you like, which will then show up any financial associations still on your account from past years.

    Does anyone know how to add previous addresses to your Equifax credit file?

    Many thanks for any help

    kind regards
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    Re: PLEASE HELP: Equifax credit report

    Just to update.....Just spent nearly a hour on the phone to equifax, only to find out that their systems dont allow for more than 3 addresses for your online credit report. So just a heads up.....if anyone signs up to Equifax expecting to see a full 6 years credit history online and you've moved more than 3 times in the last 6 years, you not going to see a true picture of your credit report....so the 14.95 is a waste of money. It's fine if you just want to monitor your current credit agreements etc but to get a full 6 years history, you need to order a postal report.....Have now used both Experian and Equifax...........Experian were great and really helpful, sadly equifax systems seem far behind.



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