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Credit searches.

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  • Credit searches.

    Hi, a quick question about CRAs.

    because of the infamous Compass problem, I am now reading my credit reports regularly, and am alarmed to see 13 searches, which all occurred on June third., These are Iím sure related to my car insurance ready to expire soon,

    However I have not shopped around yet, so

    1)should these people have been able to search me without my express consent?,
    2) what can they see, just proof of ID and address, or can they see CCJS defaults and all the other things that might make me grateful to be offered any insurance at all, no matter how outrageously priced?

    Your report was searched on: 03/06/16Credit application type: INSURANCE QUOTATIONPersonal details relating to the search:Name:

    The only quote I have received is from my existing insurers, and I always pay in full never instalments.

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    Re: Credit searches.



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      Re: Credit searches.

      I am not 100% sure on this but I think there is something about these sort of searches that keep them hidden from potential lenders. They will have been carried out by your current insurance agency. I do know that when my insurance is up for renewal the company assume I will let them automatically renew with them and do all the prep for the new year. They are always disappointed as I change to a better deal every year!
      I have just checked and I have tons of searches on the date I renewed both house and car insurance. I am no expert but I would not worry about this sort of search.

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        Re: Credit searches.

        1/ I guess they can; after all, it is a reference agency, so pretty much their raison d'etre.
        2/ It's the latter bit the searcher is interested in & paying the CRA for.

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          Re: Credit searches.

          When our file was it dreadful order however we still got a very good rate and were never turned down.

          An optimist is someone who falls off the Empire State Building, and after 50 floors says, 'So far so good'!
          ~ Anonymous


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            Re: Credit searches.

            hi, probably all sorted now, but there are "hard" and "soft" searches.

            The ones you mention are soft searches. I have tons in June every year as i insure my car,house and vehicle recovery every may/june...and the more i check for a quote the more appear, they have no bearing on your CRA file.

            What i was surprised about was i recently went through the Noddle and clearscore CRA sites looking for the best deal on credit cards as i was looking for a couple to help improve my credit score. and although the card suppliers say "this will not effect your credit score" "we will check if you can have a card with no effect on your score". they did not say they would be conducting "soft searches". And although i was offered 3 cards by capital one as "pre-approved" they still conducted soft searches.

            I have also moved electric companies 5 times this year so far (i know sad and retired), and i have also had soft searches from electric suppliers....



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