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Very. Co. uk and charges beyond reasonable

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  • Very. Co. uk and charges beyond reasonable

    Hi all -

    I have an urgent query as I have just been suprised by a letter After returning from my honeymoon So is past dated last week with a default after only clearing my credit in November.

    Basically I bought a laptop from very.Co.UK roughly 320quid, I had paid most of this off but was working away to get my career started, got to a point where I could go back home to work but money was tight I wrote to them asking to delay payment for a month or two while I got straight..no reply. I have left this which is silly However.....They are saying now I owe around 450. I was probably about 40-50 from completing the whole payment. But are now demanding more than the whole finance was worth. I'm also quite scared that I will have another default on my account.

    Can anybody help. I am definitely in a position to be able to pay things off but this default is quite depressing and the amount they are now asking for...

    Thanks a lot.
    ~Never has PPI refunds been owed to so many...by so few~
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    Re: Very. Co. uk and charges beyond reasonable

    Hi Welcome to LB.

    Congratulations on your marriage!!

    My thought is that most of what they are claiming is charges/late payment fees.
    Is the letter you have received a Default Notice, giving you time to (14 days) to rectify the default this is a Formal notice under the provisions of The Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended), if the sum stated is inclusive of charges and is not just the arrears of the contractually required payments it is wrong.

    Please post a copy of that letter here after removing your name & address and the account number.

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