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  • ndr/very

    Hi everyone x been awhile since i posted and i need some help and advise please, i fell deeply into arrears with very and stupidly i ignored them, they since passed it on to ndr who i believe are their inhouse dca. i never denied owing this debt (nearly 6000) and stupidly offered a payment of 250 pm. I seriously cannot afford this and asked them for a reduction in payment-they refused saying it wouldnt cover the arrears on the account-i also asked them to change the payment date to my payday date-they also refused this as the agreement says payment to be made every 28days, this is making me fall deeper and deeper into arrears as they also charge for late payment, i set up a payment on my debit card on my paydays and although payment may be late it is still paid. What can i do? its like a roller coaster and i am getting nowhere. they won't budge an inch for me x Thank you in advance any assistance is greatly received x
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    Re: ndr/very

    Hi and welcome,
    Can I ask if you have any other debts that you are getting behind with?
    It's just often people are reluctant to give us a full picture so makes it harder to offer help I am not just being nosy x


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      Re: ndr/very

      Hi,its ok yes i do have other debts which are being paid through a dmp, about 4mths now. This one i thought i could handle on my own but its getting too much now and i only work part time so money is a bit tight. My husband pays everything from the mortgage to the shopping each mth so i am reluctant to ask his help and i feel its my debt anyway. Do you think i should have this included in my dmp?


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