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Additions account moved to Lowell

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  • Additions account moved to Lowell


    I opened an account with additions in 2008 and by the end of 2009, due to many issues, I had defaulted on my payments. It took a few months of worry and stress to get to a point of making arrangements with my creditors, but I have been paying regularly since June 2010. Some of my creditors never responded to my letters but I followed advice to start paying anyway to start reducing the debt and have been transferring money to additions every month.

    However, I have recently received a letter stating that Lowell brought my account in January 2014 and I need to pay them directly. The amount they are stating I owe is the original amount. As far as I am concerned I have paid half of the original debt and do not want to start again. I'm now worried that I some how got the wrong bank details for additions (they were starting to change over to Very around that time).

    I am already getting really stressed about this. I have received three letters now and they have threatened a doorstop visit or court.

    I would appreciate some advice

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    Re: Additions account moved to Lowell

    Just read on another thread that additions should have told me they were passing it on to lowell. All I got was a printed copy of the letter from lowell...looked like lowell reference on the side of the letter



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