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Littlewoods Charges

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  • Littlewoods Charges

    In November 2009 I payed off the outstanding balance of the account (371) on line. In January I received a bill for 48 charges of 2x 12 late payment and 2x 12 for the letter sent, for th months of December 09 and Jan 2010. I telephoned Littlewoods to query the charges and was told if I paid the 12 late payment fee the additional charges would be removed. I duly paid the 12 late payment fee and have now received a bill for 60 for the 12 late payment and 12 for letter sent. I telephoned Littlewoods yet again and was put through tothe collections department to an exceptionally abusive woman who said that even though notes on my account state that I had agreed to pay 12 to close the balance, this should not have been done and that I have to pay the outstanding balance of 60 or it will go to a debt collector etc, etc.

    I feel that these charges are completely unfair as I paid of the balance and the late payment fee. Please could someone advice me as I need to communicate with Littlewoods via letter and the collections department are completely unreasonable.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance\advice.

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    Re: Littlewoods Charges

    None of these charges are owed as they are all unlawful because they do not reflect any actual costs incurred.

    How much have you already paid beyond the money actually owed? Is it just the 12? Whatever you have overpaid needs to be reclaimed by writing to them to demand this as a first step. You also need to see if they have damaged your credit file due to these charges, as any such entries will need to be removed as part of your demand.

    Stop dealing with them over the phone and keep everything in writing from now on.


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      Re: Littlewoods Charges

      It is just the 12 I have paid beyond the money owed. I woud be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of a letter template or provide advice as to what the letter should say.


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        Re: Littlewoods Charges

        Hello tiggy, have a read of the posts on this thread they may help you http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...ead.php?t=5476

        Enaid x


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          Re: Littlewoods Charges

          Hi I am looking for additional advice regarding the littlewood charges issues. I have been corresponding with Littlewoods to dispute the balance and have provide bank statements confirming that I did make 12 late payment fee as request. I also informed littlewoods that as they balance was in dispute etc etc.

          Littlewoods failed to reply to my final letter and have passed to capQuest Debt recovery who are now sending threating letter for a sum of 156 for a debt purchased from Shop Direct Financial services.

          I would be grateful if someone could advice me.




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