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Carol v lloyds TSB

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  • Carol v lloyds TSB

    Hello Carol,
    Firstly welcome to Beagles, I have put your post in this forum where it will be seen and hopefully you will receive the help you need.
    You may be asked to give more detail about what is happening with this, just remember if you do, to leave out any personal details.
    You may also like to read of other peoples experiences with Lloyds.
    Hope this helps Enaid x



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    Re: Carol v lloyds TSB

    I need your advice please.
    I have defaulted on loan repayments over 22 months on a 5 year loan payment plan opened in April, 2006. ’I received a letter on the 21st November from Lloyds TSB regarding a notice on default loan repayments. In follow up - I requested a statement of repayments to be issued to me by the bank on the 19/12/08 had shown that – a sum of 4,984.64 was paid to Lloyds between the 26th April, 2006 and 15th December 2008 on an open balance cash loan of 20,700. Hence, I was informed that the current 26,218 outstanding balance was due to incurred default sum payments with interest amounting to 10,502.64 by the bank and its third party debt collectors. On the basis of this latest information, I have decided not continue with my bank loan repayments until fair play can be demonstrated by the bank. What
    are the next steps in reclaiming these incurred bank charges? Please post as necessary. With thanks, Carol





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