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pre notified payment

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  • pre notified payment

    Hello, the other day hsbc took 66 out of my account under the payment reference of 'pre notified'... As I was nnever notified about this payment, am I allowed to ask for it back? Furthermore, I believe it is because I went overdrawn by about 2 back in January, but why charge me 66? Can I also argue that they took the payment out kknowing I only had 38 in my account and therefore they deliberately put me into an informal overdraft? I haven't got an overdraft but now because of the charge my account says '-2828'... Help me!
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    Re: pre notified payment

    Hi and welcome to LB
    Why not write to the bank asking 1)what was the charge for?
    2) when were you supposedly pre notified?
    When you have their response you'd be in a better position to argue about the fairness of the charges



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