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HSBC PPI stalemate

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  • HSBC PPI stalemate

    My wife claimed PPI back from HSBC which was referred to Financial Ombudsman and decision reached to refund 4711.58 in May 2013 which was directed to be taken as part payment of 7500 outstanding on card. In September 2011 MCS wrote and offered a 40% discount to settle the debt with a payment of 4231.54, which we couldn't raise and were still waiting for the PPI claim to be processed.

    We've been in correespondence with HSBC since May 2014 - protracted due to them not receiving or losing correspondence.

    We've endured harassment from MCS, CDRU, Wescott and Moorcroft (ceased in each case by a "Notice of Impending Harassment Claim" being sent).
    We've complained to HSBC about the actions of each of these agents - their reply " we're sorry their actions fell short of your expectations".

    A further "time limited" discounted offer was made by CDRU (aka HSBC Payments Services) on 6th June 2014. Further correspondence with HSBC ensued with no response. Finally, after writing to Antonio Simoes (CEO) we received notification that the Wealth Complaintsteam would be investigating.

    The outcome of that investigation is no surprise...discount offer time limited now withdrawn - even though it was made after PPI claim settled and in midst of correspondence.

    is it worth going back to the Financial Ombudsman ???
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