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Loan details needed off HSBC

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  • Loan details needed off HSBC

    I need to contact HSBC regarding a loan and Mortgage I took out in 2000,
    both the loan and mortgage where paid off in 2002 after I moved house and took a new mortgage out with a new company.
    HSBC forced me to settle the 10'000 loan before they signed off on the mortgage, they waited until the day before we where meant to move into my new address and said they would not let the paperwork go through until it was paid.
    I had to borrow 11'400 off my father in-law to settle in full and paid it in cash on the day we where to move.
    Needless to say! they then sent the paperwork over to my new mortgage provider and we managed to move into our new address with a considerable amount of stress.

    I am now looking at getting all the paperwork relating to the loan and mortgage in the hope I can make a claim against them, who do I contact in HSBC?
    Is there a department I need to call that'll deal with both of them or do I need to go through two departments
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    Re: Loan details needed off HSBC

    I called HSBC customer help line and was given 0845762255 to call for Mortgage/loan department, been phoning all day and all I get is the engaged tone.
    Looks to me like they've given me a backroom number


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      Re: Loan details needed off HSBC

      Try freephone no's - 0800 494999 or 0800 169 6333

      The Number you were given was the Mortgage Services menu.(you missed a 6 out)

      If you check the following Website it will give you a list of alternative Numbers.



      G E Money

      Nationwide Mortgage

      Nationwide Overdraft

      Nationwide Credit Card



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        Re: Loan details needed off HSBC

        Thanks for that, a really helpful website to bookmark


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          Re: Loan details needed off HSBC

          After a member on here opened an account with them moved all their house money in to the bank and they lost $450,000 then had to keep going all the way in to Melbourne as there are no branches elsewhere to try and sort it, there is no way I would personally use them. It took them 8 weeks to find their money and they had to take a loan with them until the money was placed in the right account.



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