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co-op credit claims - help needed!

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  • co-op credit claims - help needed!


    I have been chasing Co-op for a refund of credit card charges. This has been going on for 7 months . They keep fobbing me off with letters saying that they are looking into this and will respond in 4 weeks. should I take them to court? I have threatened on more than one occasion with court and with F. Ombudsman, but they dont seem to be listening. Can anyone offer me help or advice on how to deal with this next? thanks much appreciated.

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    Re: co-op credit claims - help needed!

    HI jlc,
    Have you had any statements from them? Or do you know the total amount of your charges?


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      Re: co-op credit claims - help needed!

      If you have all the information you need to bring a case, then yes start your action.


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        Re: co-op credit claims - help needed!

        Hi, yes I have all info, statements, charges and so on. But whatever I request, chase and then threaten, the co-op takes its time to reply or sends me letters saying they are looking into it and need more time - I must have had at least 6 of these type of letters. Im infuriated and havnt taken this to court yet because of the initial outlay that I would have to pay. But I think it now looks like this is the only way to go. Thanks for yr help.


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          Re: co-op credit claims - help needed!

          Keep us informed. Aren;t they the ethical bank being very unethical in dealing with the DPA request?


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