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Help needed with overdraft and interest fees on account managed by 3rd party

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  • Help needed with overdraft and interest fees on account managed by 3rd party

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm getting in a real muddle here.

    In 2003 I was attacked and left with brain damage, with a great deal of help in 2006 I successfully sued Barclays for charges.

    In 2008 the Court of Protection stepped in and took over the running of my day to day finances through a solicitors firm.

    My Barclays account was cut off from me and I believe there was an overdraft of 850, the solicitors started paying this off at 15 per month. But Barclays continued to add interest.

    We changed the Deputy from the solicitors last year and found that Barclays had started charging more in interest than the solicitors had been paying back in 2014 when the amount was down to almost 100, it then built back up quickly and is now over 400 and rising.

    I made a complaint and they sent all the documents and letters to the previous Deputy, who having been replaced simply dropped the correspondence into the bin, so we heard nothing from Barclays for months. Fast forward 9 odd months and they finally accept the court documents and change the correspondence address to the new Deputy, the first thing that she gets is a telephone banking letter and then a week or so later a letter saying that they've terminated my account.

    We subsequently got a breakdown showing that I'd paid a considerable sum to them over a 8/9yr period, well in excess of the original amount owed and that they still now want 400 something.

    I reopened the complaint and they have refused to clear the debt or pay any of the money back.

    They are now threatening debt recovery for a debt that has been repaid many times over.

    Could anyone help with this, my new deputy doesn't have the time or legal/financial background to sort this out.
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