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    My partner has been refused a refund for unauthorised atm withdrawals, is she entitled to ask for a copy of evidence they used.
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    Re: Advice

    Hi Gary. Might need a little more info on this. Was your partner’s card reported as stolen or cloned? What exactly do you mean by unauthorised? What evidence was used and by whom?

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      Re: Advice

      She has her card on her, the bank are saying it's her genuine card and pin used ,some of the withdrawals are early morning when she's asleep ,nobody has access to her card,she's asked if there is cctv footage and asked the bank to bring the police in .they say they don't do this,it's up to her to get the police involved,she has contacted action fraud and got a crime number.what else can she do .the bank says she has been negligent with her card and pin .i was just curious as to what evidence they have to come to that conclusion and is she entitled to a copy.



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