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Barclays: default on credit file queried and 4 months of "we need more time"

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  • Barclays: default on credit file queried and 4 months of "we need more time"

    Hi all,

    I had a CCJ (lost job in 2006, defaulted on an RBS loan) which was removed from my credit file in December 2013. However, I noticed that I had a default on my name from a Barclays personal account and that the account was closed in September 2009.

    I recall the context where that Barclays account was not used, it then got overdrawn, which was an unauthorised overdraft because of charges, rapidly incurred more charges, and it all came crashing down with a total of 451.

    I received no warning of this and suddenly received a letter that my account was closed, I had to cut up my debit card, and I had to contact a debt company to pay off the debt. I did that almost immediately but got into a payment plan and eventually settled that in March 2011.

    Over the years, I became more aware of money matters and by december 9th, 2013, I wrote to Barclays to ask clarification about this by using the template letters within the following link

    I enclosed the postal money order and send the letter per registered mail.

    No acknowledgement within 28 days. I wrote another letter, with a copy of my first letter by January 13th.
    I received a response that by February 10th, they would write back to me. They did, asking for more time. By the end of February, I reminded them that I felt that I wasn't happy and that if Barclays couldn't come up with a satisfactory response, that the default ought to be removed.

    I received a letter on March 10 again that they needed more time, but I was free to contact the Financial Ombudsman.

    I feel passed from pillar to post. I really would like to see evidence that Barclays did their due diligence or have that default removed.

    I wonder if I could obtain some pointers or specific advice to escalate matters.

    Thanks in advance for your response.


    Bermit The Frog.
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