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Sandbag v Barclays

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  • Sandbag v Barclays

    Hi all - here is a quick summary of my claim against Barclays.

    It started last July. I received my statements within the 40 days so no problems there. When i added up my charges ( and that was most enjoyable!) i found that i had been charged a wopping £4000.

    I sent the preliminary request for repayment along with a spreadsheet showing e charges - what they where and when they had been taken from my account. I did not claim interest at this point.

    I got what seems to be a fairly standard reply from Barclays i.e a letter saying that Barclays were very sorry that i was unhappy with the service i had recieved and they would look into my complaint and get back to me in around 8 weeks.

    Well of course that was not good enough so i sent the Letter Before Action and gave them 14 days to respond. They didn't.

    So onto the court claim i used MCOL as it was easier for me. I filled in the claim form online using the 'particulars of claim' that had already been worded for me on the site- it was really easy to do. Sent a spreadsheet now including interest to the court and to Barclays.

    I eventually got a court date and recieved an Allocation Questionaire - which was quite easy to complete using the guidelines from the site. I eventually got a court date which was some way off in the future however this gave me time to sort out my court bundle - for me this was the hardest bit as i had no real idea what all the legal stuff was about but eventually i had 3 copies of everything - legal stuff,statements and correspondence. I sent these off to Barclays and the court as requested.

    About a week before the court date i rang Barclays and they said they would settle - about 3 days before the court date i received a call from Barclays offering full settlement including court fees and the interest i claimed at the court stage - which was over £900!

    The money was in my account the next day - after i had faxed the agreement back with the confidentiality clause crossed out.

    I also had a second claim settled within 3 weeks for £400!

    Hope that helps people with claiming their money back - after all it is yours.



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